Office time of average London worker falls ᐅ Be prepared with T&A from ISGUS UK

After the extensive lockdowns of 2020, it is evident that office attendance has significantly decreased throughout the economy. On average, London workers now only spend 3.1 days per week in the office. This decline in physical presence is causing noticeable effects on the demand for office real estate, which cities and businesses must address going forward.

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns, many managers were concerned about their ability to closely supervise employees and feared a drop in productivity as a result. However, these concerns have consistently been proven wrong during the lockdown period itself. In fact, many workers experienced an increase in productivity due to improved work-life balance, healthier routines, and less micromanagement.

While bosses initially hoped for a return to normalcy after restrictions eased up post-lockdowns; they are reluctantly realizing that they need to offer hybrid work options to accommodate employee preferences. Workers who value their newfound freedom are making it clear that if remote work opportunities aren't provided by employers when feasible, they will seek employment elsewhere.

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