Over-50s in UK working part-time » ISGUS as a supporter

According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics, there has been a surge in the number of individuals aged 50 and above who are engaging in part-time employment. This trend is illustrated by the fact that one quarter of workers within this age group have opted for part-time work.

The newly released statistics indicate a paradigm shift in our perception of work and retirement, as they reveal that a record-breaking 3.6 million older individuals are currently engaged in part-time jobs across the UK. This figure represents an impressive 12% increase since last year and reflects a significant upward trajectory over the past decade (26%) as well as two decades (56%).

Upon analyzing these figures, Rest Less—an influential digital community dedicated to advocating for those over 50—found that approximately 42% of all part-time workers within the country fall into this age category.

Moreover, it is worth noting that at least four out of every ten employees between ages 60 and 64 choose to pursue part-time positions. Additionally, an astonishing majority—66%—of individuals aged beyond 65 continue their engagement with part-time work despite being eligible for state pension benefits which typically start at age 66.

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