Rethinking work with ISGUS

Many companies are under competitive pressure due to demographic changes and digital transformation. The changeover is not always easy to implement, so the new methods need to be introduced carefully and with the participation of the employees.

Crises and challenges are part of every entrepreneur's everyday life. The increasingly interconnected world has become prevalent due to many influencing factors. Within a short period of time, organisations have had to adapt to serious changes. Above all, changes in the way of working together are in the foreground. Managers and human resource management, as they have to help shape such an increasing flexibilisation of working time and place of work. In a situation characterised by a shortage of skilled workers and the changing demands of the upcoming generation, the establishment of new strategies and methods that respond flexibly and much more individually than before to the needs of individuals is part of this.

For modern companies, flexible working hours and individual, location-independent time recording are an important building block. ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS enables your employees to record their working hours reliably and objectively. With the ZEUS® mobile app, time recording bookings can also be made that are location-independent. Adjustments to the respective workloads are thus also possible with ISGUS Time & Attendance.