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The security of companies in the UK is still being threatened. However, security companies like ISGUS with ZEUS® Access Control have stepped up and are playing a crucial role in filling this security gap and ensuring the protection of people, properties and know how.

Managing such a large workforce poses significant challenges for these security companies who must identify problems within their business models and take proactive measures to effectively address rising security threats. Building security and controlling access to company buildings is an important aspect when it comes to protecting your employees and your data and ensuring that unauthorised persons do not have access.

In order to create a truly modern approach towards individualized security concepts,the latest technology including badge and transponder systems or cutting-edge biometric identification methods can be utilized. Define specific access profiles for different areas within rooms or premises using user-friendly software. The inheritance principle makes it simpleto manage flexible and clear access rights for employees, visitors or external contractors.

By implementing ZEUS® Access Control from ISGUS, you can establish a highly secure environment.