Staff Scheduling

Modern Staff Scheduling is a basic requirement for business success. To schedule loyalty and valuable resources for the right time at the right place avoids unnecessary under- or overstaffing. Beside flexible employment relationships, like part time, fluctuating customer frequencies or incoming orders are considered as the greatest challenges. The use of ZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps to design Workforce Management in line with demand. As a part of the employee planning, the capacity planning builds a basic of decision and data for the recruitment and personnel development.

The primary purpose of capacity planning is to ensure that the necessary personnel is available to fulfil the company’s tasks. The right qualification at the right location plays the most important role. Competition and cost pressure force you to use your resources wisely and the ISGUS solution helps you succeed. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps you to reduce personnel costs and to create added value such as service quality, adherence to delivery dates and customer satisfaction through the optimal deployment of your employees. In modern companies, capacity planning is an important part of workforce management and enables flexible control of a company’s human capital. This importance is increasing due to volatile markets and short investment cycles. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps you avoid unnecessary costs caused by overtime or idle time. In the long term, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling optimises the entire operational process, as it interacts with employee motivation and recruitment.