The development of access control with ZEUS®

Where is the development of access control heading?

The topic of integration is a very important one with regard to the ZEUS® Access Control, as it has many points of contact with many other processes that can be digitized and integrated into a common solution.

Special solutions require know-how.

We have a very dynamic product development at ISGUS. Through the projects of our worldwide subsidiaries, we have an enormous experience in the field of software solutions like ZEUS®. This experience benefits us at ISGUS to develop new solutions.

Solutions on premise or via the ISGUS Cloud?

The trend is clearly towards the ISGUS Cloud. Earlier concerns about the security and availability of cloud solutions have decreased significantly. These are more convenient for many users and, in the end, more secure. The trend is towards Software as a Service and for good reasons. For example, system maintenance and data backup are completely eliminated.