Why does workforce management from ISGUS offer you an added value as an ALL-IN-ONE solution?

We were not satisfied with being the market leader in digital workforce management, both on-premise and as a cloud solution in our own data centre. So we have decided to expand our solution portfolio by adding ZEUS® HR Management, another integrated software module. Our customers already know us as the provider of the most advanced time recording software.

ZEUS® Time and Attendance is a reliable system for recording working hours and absences that delivers what it promises! It goes beyond traditional time tracking by offering digital benefits, implementing innovative approaches, integrating mobile devices, and providing real-time information about current incidents for sustainable relief.

With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you can optimize your staffing and qualification requirements effortlessly. Easily take into account desired shifts, plan holidays efficiently while adhering to labor laws. Manage your shift planning effectively and handle sudden staff shortages with the help of digital shift exchanges. Reach available and plannable staff anytime through messenger or smartphone.

Now let's talk about ZEUS® HR Management – an all-inclusive module seamlessly integrated into our platform. This cloud-based solution ensures efficient management of your digital personnel files along with document storage capabilities featuring an impeccable design. With ZEUS® HR Management combined with ZEUS® Workforce Management, you get an ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION tailored specifically for managing human resources within your company.

But wait... there's more! Our comprehensive approach also includes integrated security measures such as visitor management systems powered by ZEUS® Workforce Management. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology to control access using classic readers or digital locking units via a user-friendly interface known as the "digital locking plan". Additionally, monitor security events actively through our state-of-the-art tool called the "ZEUS® Security Monitor" which provides enhanced protection for your organization.

For those who use SAP systems within their companies – worry no more! We have developed ISGUS terminals clients alongside ZEUS® mobile for precise recording of working hours. Our innovative ZEUS® Connect 4 for SAP solution seamlessly transfers time data to SAP via certified HR-PDC and S4/HANA interfaces. Over 200,000 employees across various industries rely on ISGUS to accurately record their working hours and effortlessly integrate them with SAP.

For more information about your personalized solution package, please contact the nearest ISGUS sales centre in your area.