Why using ZEUS® Workforce Management for petrol stations?

For operators of petrol stations, accurate recording of working hours is crucial. It is essential not only for correct payroll accounting but also for improving work processes and increasing overall productivity. A reliable time recording solution like ZEUS® Time and Attendance by ISGUS offers a clear overview of employees' working hours at petrol stations. This user-friendly solution helps streamline work processes, automatically record working times accurately, eliminate errors, and optimize efficiency.

Shift planning plays a vital role in managing a petrol station. Manual shift planning can be complex and time-consuming. However, with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling integrated automatic shift planning using advanced technologies and algorithms makes it simple. The Staff Scheduling module by ISGUS allows managers to easily create shift plans with just a few clicks, assigning special shifts to employees effortlessly.

Access control from ISGUS can also be useful for your petrol station! Who do you allow access to the staff entrance and who not? ZEUS® Access control from ISGUS offers you all these functions!