With ISGUS back to business after lockdown

Many people returned to the office only a short time after the lockdown. Since then the nature of meeting has changed considerably. This is why many companies and their employees are afraid to return to their workplace. But don’t worry! We show you how our solutions support you to overcome your insecurity.

At the latest since the existing corona protection measures were gradually relaxed, companies and teams have been dealing with the question of how the return to normality can be organised- and what this „new normality“ will look like. In addition to some changes in building cleaning, previous work processes in particular need to be rethought. Once you have found a suitable solution, it is often difficult to keep an overview. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling gives your company a clear overview of who works where and when. Our solution also enables you to check that there are not too many employees in the same area so that distance rules can be observed, which reduces the risk of an infection immensely. As well our hardware terminals or mobile solutions can guarantee hygienic and simple time recording and access control by badges. Consequently, it is guaranteed that your workforce can safely enter and exit the company’s premises.

Additionally, ZEUS® visitor management enables a thermal measurement while entering the building to ensure no one has higher temperature as normal. This does not only apply to visitors, but can also be used for your own employees.

With the modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management you gradually move towards a new normality. Our solution consists of different options, that help you to stay competitive, no matter whether from home or the office. Request your individual solution now.