Work with GPS Technology mobile » for your Workforce Management

By means of Geofencing, predetermined actions can be defined for delimited geographical areas, by virtually representing real-world geographic locations. Geofencing is an artificial word composed by “geographic” and “fence”. It means a location-based service combined with an App or another software using GPS, RFID, WiFi or mobile radio signals, to allow for a previously defined action when the mobile device or RFID tag crosses a virtual geographic boundary (Geofence).

Related to Workforce Management, this technology is a big step ahead when it comes to the management of mobile workforces, e. g. in the building industry, cleaning businesses and many more.  

Combined with the ZEUS® mobile App, as an integral part of the ZEUS® Time & Attendance and Job Costing solution, Geofencing caters for automatic proposals of “whitelisted” clocking functions, defining who is allowed to clock at a specific location, as soon as staff members entering previously defined geolocations. The latter can be a customer location, construction site, or any real estate to be looked after. Whitelisted clocking functions & parameters may be individual customers, cost centres, or – in combination with Job Costing/Production Data Capture – individual projects, operations, jobs, etc. to work on.

Via ZEUS® mobile App, all clockings made within the “Geofence” zone are automatically transmitted to the ZEUS® solution online, which can be hosted either in the ISGUS Cloud or at the customer’s premises. Clockings made beyond the defined “Geofence” will be stored, but not accepted for calculation, unless approved by a manager. 

Apart from real-time presence information about who is currently working at which location, on which project and task, the ZEUS® solution provides detailed analyses and evaluations at the press of a button, such as productive and non-productive times, cost centre/project totals, target/effective comparisons, progress of work, etc.