Workation - Merging holidays with working time

More remote working and local flexibility

It's no secret that the Corona pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. In this context, workation (a fusion of the words "work" and "vacation" ) has emerged as an appealing concept in the world of remote work by encompassing both working time and leisure time. Going on a workation means staying in a different environment getting inspired while fulfilling one’s day-to-day obligations remotely. Many employers are already committed to workation because this new concept of work, if applicable, proves to be beneficial for all parties involved. Employers have long recognised that workation can be a real booster for productivity and creativity as well as for employee satisfaction and retention. It is no secret that employees returning from their holidays often come up with highly innovative ideas as a result of relaxation, inspiration and less distraction. Experts and psychologists have been advising employers for a long time to say goodbye to rigid patterns. In particular, employers who highly rely on the creativity and ingenuity of their employees should provide a working environment that fosters creativity, flexibility and motivation.

Flexible working hours and individual time recording from anywhere and at any time are considered a central building block for modern companies. With ZEUS® Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you enable your employees to record their working hours objectively and reliably. In addition, the ZEUS® mobile app allows you to make time bookings from any location. The optimal use of individual and motivational working hours is often decisive in competing for qualified personnel. With Time and Attendance from ISGUS, you can flexibly adapt your working hours to the respective workload.