ZEUS® Staff scheduling » imposes your work

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling does a favour to you. Let our workforce management module do the heavy lifting for you.

To be honest: planning rotas with numerous subsequent requests for changes that almost always ensue, causes the HR department lots of actual nightmares. Still dealing with paper rotas or spreadsheets? Manually sifting through the shifts, overtime rules, time off requests, approved holidays and so on? An never-ending cycle of change – publish – changing again. As soon as a rota has been sent, urgent requests from employees to change one or more shifts will the HR department receive. This all takes time – time that could almost certainly be better spent on other tasks.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling by ISGUS completely transforms employee management processes, for example the way you can organise your shifts. Through employee self-service or the app, workers can request holidays and have them approved or declined online. They can also view their timesheet clockings and hours, reducing the payroll enquiries. All digital. No papers. No hassle.

The digital Staff Scheduling from ISGUS supports you in the efficient creation of rosters and shift plans. With ISGUS at your side, you can react digitally, easily & from anywhere to staff shortages and find an optimal solution!