ZEUS® Time and Attendance for agencies ᐅ simplifies the administrative workload

ZEUS® Time and Attendance for your agency
Excel tables, timesheets, difficult programmes or simply pi times thumbs? The ZEUS® Time and Attendance solution from ISGUS simplifies time recording in the agency, via PC, terminal or smartphone. It tracks every minute of your day so you can concentrate on the important tasks. You can record both working and project times quickly and easily.

Record the times of all agency employees
The days of scribbled timesheets are over. ISGUS working time recording solution automatically creates an hours account with target and actual hours for each employee. Every day, the time recording system calculates overtime and provides an overall balance.

Absence planning
Your agency's absence planning also takes place directly via the ZEUS® system. Employees submit holiday requests, you approve them and have control.

Mobile working time with the mobile App
With the ZEUS® mobile App , your agency team can record their working hours at any location with a single touch on their smartphone. ZEUS® from ISGUS also provides you with an up-to-date overview in real time. This gives you permanent freedom to focus on your core tasks.