<strong>Connect SAP</strong> with Time & Attendance and Access Control

Connect SAP with Time & Attendance and Access Control

The accurate and timely accounting of all employees' working hours is the goal of every company. There are numerous software solutions that support HR managers in their daily work. Due to the diverse possibilities and the experience from countless projects, SAP is one of the most frequently used tools. 

For an optimal user experience, ZEUS® Time & Attendance can therefore be connected to SAP to simplify the processes of recording and accounting and to avoid transmission errors. Use the ISGUS terminals, with the various booking options, to record your working and break times securely and quickly. The collected data can then be passed on to SAP for evaluation and calculation, making all time data quickly available for billing. 

In the combination between ZEUS® Workforce Management and SAP, however, you can benefit not only in the area of time recording. You can also optimally position your company in the area of access control. The security solutions from ISGUS offer you possibilities to guarantee company security around the clock. At the same time, ZEUS® Access Control can be used completely autonomously. Benefit from the modern security solutions that you can operate online or offline. 

ZEUS® Time and Attendance

ZEUS® Time & Attendance is a time-saving and cost-efficient workforce management solution. Tasks that would otherwise eat into your busy schedule, such as creating workflows, generating notifications and sending communications, become quick and easy standard processes when you choose ZEUS®.

Together with SAP, the time values can be easily exchanged to simplify the accounting of employees. In addition, other advantages of project data collection can be used and integrated.

ZEUS® Access Control

We know that businesses cannot afford to compromise on safety. ZEUS® Access Control provides best-in-class security for your employees, visitors, buildings, equipment and intellectual property. The ZEUS® Access Control solution also builds in your individual safety requirements, local environment and legal regulations for fire protection to meet your specific needs. Talk to us now on live chat or book a demonstration with one of our experts to ensure that you have the best security system in place. 

Together with time recording and the use of SAP, this results in an optimal system, whereby your security can be perfectly implemented by the ISGUS solution. The electronic locking cylinders or terminals for each situation integrate perfectly into the existing processes and promote efficient working.