<strong>Coronation</strong> of Charles III » Access protection through <strong>ZEUS®</strong>

Coronation of Charles III » Access protection through ZEUS®

Fans of the British royals must make a note of 6 May 2023: On that day, the coronation of Charles III will take place in Westminster Abbey. The ceremony is apparently to be smaller than that of his mother's coronation in 1953. The British King Charles III will be crowned on 6 May 2023. The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey in London and will be presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Charles, now 73, will also be crowned alongside his royal wife Camilla (75), it added.

A modern security concept is indispensable today for public buildings or events such as the coronation of King Charles the 3rd. ZEUS® Access control by ISGUS reliably ensures security against unauthorised access around the clock to protect your employees, visitors, data, know-how and to protect your buildings and operating equipment. The electronic locking plan shows at all times who is authorised to open certain doors or who is allowed to pass through certain sections of the building. Temporary changes can be stored directly and easily. Convince yourself of the ISGUS safety concept.

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visitor Management Isgus

1. Visitor registration: the front desk, visitor and visited person receive all relevant information about previously registered visitors.

spontaneously Isgus

2. Unannounced guests can instantly be registered at the front desk.

Guests Isgus

3. Welcome messages and safety instructions for the visitor (e.g. on-screen display).

Temporary visitor badge Isgus

4. Allocation of the temporary validated visitor badge, including corresponding access authorisations.

Safety Isgus

5. The visitor enters the company premises. His access profile guides the visitor through the building. This ensures safety.


6. At the end of the visit or after a predefined time, the badge is automatically blocked.

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