Failure of IT projects – <strong>not with ISGUS!</strong>

Failure of IT projects – not with ISGUS!

The introduction of new business software is often poorly managed. Then there is the threat of expensive delays, delivery problems and customer frustration. Among IT service providers who specialise in the products of the different market leader, a rule of thumb applies: About half of the projects take longer and cost more than planned. In the end, the new range of functions is sometimes less than hoped for. Nevertheless, such projects are considered unavoidable. When a company evolves, its IT usually needs an update as well. Good project management helps to avoid potential problems. Experts recommend sticking closely to the software manufacturer's specifications for business processes in order to avoid costly adjustments.

With ISGUS, the introduction of our ZEUS® Workforce Management is simple and easy and offers you significant beneftis!

ZEUS® software solutions enable you to implement your corporate goals and execute cost control activities. Combine our individual ZEUS® modules to create a tailored solution that serves the specific needs of your business. To best suit your business, we offer you a choice between hosting your individual solution "on premise" or as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the ISGUS cloud.

Workforce Management
time & attendance time & labour access control staff scheduling

ISGUS Terminals
Our multifunctional online or offline terminals are suitable for indoor or outdoor use

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Create workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips and approve your employees' requests conveniently on your smartphone. Information about planned staff deployment and those currently present in your area of responsibility is always at your fingertips. And when ZEUS® sends you automatic notifications, you'll receive a push message on your smartphone or tablet.

ZEUS® mobile is an online solution. As soon as the connection to the server is interrupted, entered bookings are saved on the mobile device. When queries are made offline, previous day results are displayed. With the next synchronization, the bookings are then transferred to the host and the offline query values are updated. Be inspired by the agile and innovative of ISGUS and discover the numerous advantages of the ISGUS App.

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

You are interested in: ZEUS® Time and Attendance - the individual solution for all industries and company-sizes? Learn more about time management, which is exactly tailored to your needs, in our Whitepaper.

Digital time recording as a response to a changing working world