<strong>Online Time Recording</strong> at the PC

Online Time Recording at the PC

When employees are given the opportunity to record and view their working hours independently of the fixed location of a terminal, there are many advantages. The recording of working time becomes flexible, because every employee with a PC or tablet can clock in or view their working time data at any time.

Whether it's the creative web designer in his favourite café, the programmer in his home office, the project manager in the field office, the accountant at his PC in the office or the shift supervisor at his tablet - they all appreciate it when time recording can be done easily online without any special software.

The personnel department is relieved of the time-consuming task of re-booking and calculating working hours, because the booking data from the time recording on the PC is transmitted in real time to the ISGUS time recording software in the company. The web login module for recording working and break times meets the demand of all parties involved for efficient, flexible and modern booking of hours worked.

Get a first impression of the PC-based time tracking with the ISGUS Software: