<strong>PC based clockings</strong> when working from home

PC based clockings when working from home

Working from home has become a permanent feature in many places. The advantages are many: it improves the work-life balance, as you can invest more time at home and benefit from having less commute stress. The independence of location makes it possible to work from almost anywhere and employees do not necessarily have to live close to their workplace. In addition, there is also improved productivity and performance. However, in order for this to be visible and for employees not to lose track of their time accounts, a digital time recording system is necessary. 

With ISGUS Time and Attendance, the booking options are not only available via the terminals in the business premises, you simply have the option of booking on your PC via your browser and are thus completely flexible. The web application is in no way a restriction, but offers the same or even a bigger range of functions that you were previously used to from the terminals. In addition to time bookings for the start or end of work, absence requests for the next holiday are also possible and employees can see in the presence indicator board which of their colleagues is currently active where. 

For employees with personnel responsibility, the approval of requests or the creation of evaluations are also possible via the PC. For example, the GYR zones can be used to show which staff member is currently working in which balance area. This creates transparency and facilitates cooperation even when teams work separately.   

ZEUS® Workforce Management instantly provides you with an overview of the working time frame of your employees. We will show you:



The ISGUS software solutions are not the only thing you can benefit from: outsource your workforce management solution to the ISGUS data centre and benefit in several ways. On the one hand, you save the administration and maintenance of the software by your own IT staff, which frees up internal resources for other projects, and on the other hand, you save on investment costs and can be prepared for a fixed monthly fee. 

We take care of all maintenance, server updates, licence costs and backups for you.


The ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile can be seen as an extension of the web application on the PC. It enables bookings to be made via smartphone or tablet and thus provides completely new possibilities. Even more flexibly than via the PC, employees can access booking options, record working time or submit an application while on the move, without having to boot up the PC on the move, e.g. at the customer's premises. 

The approval of the applications can also be done easily and flexibly via the smartphone, so that the process can be completed within a few minutes. For the human resources department or supervisors, full transparency is maintained here as well via the historisation or GPS bookings.

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