Recovery after resignation

Recovery after resignation

With the resignation of Boris Johnson, many hope for an economic boom. In the event that this actually occurs, you should plan ahead now. Higher order numbers are to be expected, which require increased personnel availability. So that you are not unarmed against the situation, ISGUS has a solution.

Inclusion of all factors

Various factors are taken into account in the planning. These include working hours and labor law regulations, time accounts, absences and vacation planning, protective laws, personnel costs and future needs. In cooperation with you, we create a concept tailored to your needs, which provides the basis for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling.

Supplementary software modules

In combination with ZEUS® Time and Attendance, you can be even more effective. The two software modules complement each other ideally and support you in determining personnel requirements and in daily personnel management. The time recording is controlled by the personnel management. As a result, the planner can rely on the fact that the corresponding working time models are automatically available during planning and that the working time is correctly billed.