Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions

Every company consumes a large amount of electricity and the CO2 emissions have a negative impact on the climate. On average, around 20% of CO2 emissions occur directly in the company, the remaining 80% can be attributed to supply chains. The problem has been a part of our daily lives for a long time and a solution must be found.

Shaping the present in a future-oriented way

Due to the compatibility with SAP, there is the prospect of developing solutions for entire industries in the future and linking them to one another. In this way, processes and supply chains can be made more sustainable. The ERP interface made it possible to obtain all production, order and master data relevant to the software.

Reliable communications

The recorded events are forwarded directly and automatically to SAP ECC by ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM. The data is then processed there and is available for current evaluations. The communication is reliable and offers stable acquisition levels via the proven ISUGUS terminals as well as communication platforms for the bidirectional exchange of the relevant data between SAP and the ISGUS terminals.