Welcoming visitors without security gaps » <strong>Visitor Management from ISGUS</strong>

Welcoming visitors without security gaps » Visitor Management from ISGUS

Many companies find it difficult to manage visits. They often appear unexpectedly or changes occur at short notice. We at ISGUS have a solution for you that guarantees a secure process and efficiently improves your visitor management. Nothing escapes your control, everything is secure.

Everthing you need to know: How to make safe and efficient visitor management.

Unexpected or expected visits are part of the everyday working life of entrepreneurs. Visitor management should automate processes, especially when there is a high volume of visitors.

If your business receives visits of any kind, for security and for optimisation of time and personnel tasks, it can be of considerable value if visitor management is automatic.

For visitors with temporary access to particular rooms or room zones, the visitor management can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module in combination with ZEUS® Access Control and Time & Attendance. Digital visitor management is a professional solution for your reception. In conjunction with the ISGUS kiosk terminals, the solution enables reliable visitor management without a gatekeeper. Moreover, it prevents failures and security risks.

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visitor Management Isgus

1. Visitor registration: the front desk, visitor and visited person receive all relevant information about previously registered visitors.

spontaneously Isgus

2. Unannounced guests can instantly be registered at the front desk.

Guests Isgus

3. Welcome messages and safety instructions for the visitor (e.g. on-screen display).

Temporary visitor badge Isgus

4. Allocation of the temporary validated visitor badge, including corresponding access authorisations.

Safety Isgus

5. The visitor enters the company premises. His access profile guides the visitor through the building. This ensures safety.


6. At the end of the visit or after a predefined time, the badge is automatically blocked.

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