Manage a hybrid workforce

Most employees do no longer work just at one location. Some people are working from home, some are in the office, many are doing both. That is the new normality, with more flexibility for everyone, modern workplaces or even desk sharing models. For managers, supervisors and colleagues as well, this is not always easy, because people are working at different places and at different times. Nevertheless, also hybrid workforces need to be managed. But how?

ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS sustainably supports you in managing employees. The digital system provides an overview of all employees and shows who is present and working from which location. This simplifies the identification a lot. Furthermore, the group diary gives information about planned absences of all team members to support you, for example, in holiday planning. Digital workflows are another advantage. All requests are automatically sent to the corresponding supervisor who will be notified by a push notification on the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile, via the integrated messenger in ZEUS® or via email.

Even for staff scheduling, the planner has all required data at hand to schedule the upcoming shifts. In advance, employees can enter preferences to the system, so that the planner is informed before scheduling begins. This avoids unnecessary corrections. We are pleased to advise you individually about how you can manage a hybrid workforce with the ISGUS solution.